Big Scootering weekend!!!

There’s something so amazing about getting out on the road to go for a ride….and this past weekend was no exception.

It all started at 7:15am on Saturday morning when the garage door opened, and there was Scooter Boy with his gear, ready to go.   It was going to be a big day.  Anthony was doing the testing requirements to upgrade his licence (thus removing the current 125cc auto restriction).   So off we went to the assembly area at Tweed River High School, and so began a day of slowly turning left….in circles, and we went around, and around, and around………thankfully there was a road ride component, which involved some of the roads that we ride on each week, so it was an excuse to get out on some nice corners…..(the first time we got to turn Right I almost cried with joy!!!!)

And after the day of practise, the testing component began….Anthony was last so he watched the other 4 go before him, and then it was our turn…..and I accept full responsibility for him losing 1 point….at the end of the brake test I stalled….I’d been running perfectly all day, but then stopped…oops!!  Anyway, he passed and is now able to ride bigger scooters, bikes…whatever!!   Well done Scooter Boy!!!

And then Sunday, there was more riding planned….and Scooter Girl had now arrived and so once food was packed, off we went with no particular destination in mind……but we headed north.  After a while even I was able to figure out that we were heading towards Southport, towards ScooterHQ, to have a peek at the Derbi in the window…….(picture the scene in “Wayne’s World” when Wayne stops the car to check out the white Fender Stratocaster guitar in the music store window……”It will be mine, Oh yes, It will be mine!!”)

So after drooling on the glass (sorry Brendon..) we rode down to the Broadwater Carpark, and SB & SG went and had a picnic while I sat and watched the world (and the people of the Gold Coast) go by…..it was good fun.  Then after a while they returned, suited up and off we went once more, down the road, down along the esplanade through Surfers Paradise, then we stopped off outside the Q1 building to have a look up at it….(that thing is HUGE!!) then it was back down the Gold Coast highway, turn at Pacific Fair out to Burmuda Street, down to Burleigh, back out to the GC Highway…..but when we reached Currumbin we turned down towards the beach, but instead of heading around to Elephant Rock and then down to Tugan, we turned left….

…….towards Currumbin Valley, towards Tomewin, towards TWO WHEEL HEAVEN!!!  For those of you who have never had the pleasure of sampling this awesome piece of road that crosses the QLD-NSW border – get on your bike and go do it…..

And for those who have done it, Do It Again!!!   Also yesterday was proof that it can be done two-up on a 125cc scooter!!!  Sure the first part was a bit tough….(that bit where the road goes straight up the side of the mountain at an incline of about 45 degrees….well we did that at 30kmh…..) but it was still awesome fun.    And there were so many bikes up there (Sports Bikes, Sports Tourers, Cruisers, even two (yes two!!) three-wheeled Can-Am Spyders….we saw probably around 30 bikes, with 30 or more riders and passengers with huge smiles on their faces!!)  

And so after reaching the top, and then crossing the border, the corners continued down the other side of the hill to Murwillumbah, then it was a quick stop to get some fuel, then head down the highway to Tumbulgum, over the river and up Terranora Road, down through Banora Point, round the Golf course, then back up over the hill and home to Kingscliff.  

It was a great day out……lots of sun, lots of corners, lots of laughs, lots of Kms (about 150)…and what was the cost for this day of two-wheeled fun?   $6…. it just doesn’t get any better than that!!

Thanks again to Scooter Boy and Scooter Girl for making it such a great day out…..

see you on the black stuff…..




4 Responses to “Big Scootering weekend!!!”

  1. April 14, 2008 at 11:13 am

    It was an awesome day out and three cheers for Monaco for getting us up the mountain…for a while there I did think I may need to get off and run up!

    Can’t wait until we get another chance for a day trip!

    By the way, the Derbi looks way cool….

  2. April 14, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Hi Tania…..I beat you this time!!

  3. 3 anthony
    April 14, 2008 at 11:19 am

    …yes I must admit that the thought of putting my legs down to help push entered my head at one point…..but Monaco got us there.

    And the view from the top of the hill was definitely worth it, so was the trip down the hill!

  4. 4 Tania
    April 14, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Well sounds like a great weekend, oh what I would give for sometime just to sit and watch the world go by, but I am living in the real world, not like scooter girl and scooter boy who live in Lala land.
    Oh and Vicki I would be very dissapointed in you if you hadn’t beat me considering you are actually up the coast with him while this was written. You are such a dag!
    When will you be home I miss you. Udalubofmylife………

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