In seach of new corners……

Hi everyone…Its been a busy week for Anthony…he’s moved down to Yamba during the week, and on Saturday we rode down so I would be here….because there wasn’t room for me on the Ute or trailer.

So at 6:30am last Saturday we set off.  An early morning storm finished about 6:00am, so we thought that 30 minutes later would be a good time to leave….and then about 10 minutes down the road the rain started again, and it bucketed down for a a long time, and kept going until we were about 5km out of Yamba.  It was the longest wet trip we’ve ever had to do, but we survived and it’s all good!

So yesterday was the first day that Anthony had that didn’t require moving furniture, lifting boxes, cleaning, and all those other things involved in moving house, so in the afternoon we went out for a ride…and at first we had no idea where to go.  So we headed out of town and turned off Yamba road onto Middle Road at Palmers Island…and Middle Road is nothing but a big long straight piece of road…perfect for going fast!    On the following photo, Middle Road starts at point A and goes to point B…..


And then at the end of the straight we turned onto North Bank Road which was an amazing piece of road filled with nothing but long sweeping corners…after the long straight it was heaven!!!

After that we turned back onto Yamba Road and headed to Maclean (where Anthony will be working for some of the week) and then back down Yamba road…and we just had to turn off onto North Bank Road and do the trip in the reverse direction (and apologies to the old couple who were fishing on the river…sorry to disturb your afternoon….

It was a great afternoon out…the first of many.    And so we start next week with yours truly as the transportation solution of choice…. and I can’t wait!!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy your riding and have fun!!

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is part Lebanese, Mexican and Apache…..as well as South Korean and Scottish.  She was born in California, as is a model, actress, writer and political activist.

She was born in 1984, her father was a Marine, her mother an artist…and she is Celeste Thorson.



2 Responses to “In seach of new corners……”

  1. April 6, 2009 at 7:43 am

    I don;t know where my comment for this post went…..that’s weird?

    Glad you enjoyed this scooter ride and the sweeping corners of North Bank Road…I look forward to riding that one with you, and the many more rides we can go on. xxx

  2. 2 anthony
    April 6, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    i think your comment must have found a nice windy road, sunny weather and perfect conditions and disappeared!!

    North Bank road is awesome….can’t wait to take you on it! xxx

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