Are we there yet……?

It’s a phrase that’s heard by parents all over the world on long  car trips……but yesterday it was something that Anthony was thinking when he wasn’t sure if we would have enough fuel to get home from work.

When we left Grafton (and rode out of town past all the petrol stations), Anthony initially thought we would have enough fuel, but then a few kms out of town, the fuel gauge started flashing, indicating we were about to dip into the reserve tank…..and in theory we could have had enough to get us all the way back, but it was getting dark, was possibly going to rain…..and basically the idea of being stuck on the side of the road and having to push me to a servo wasn’t making Anthony feel much joy.

So what did we do?    First we turned off the counter for the reserve tank (so we didn’t have to see the Km’s ticking away in front of us), and then we kept riding, and were hoping we would make it to the servo on the highway about 24 km from home….which we did, and when we were done filling up, we ended up getting 9.69 litres (out of a possible 11)

We most likely would have been right to go all the way, but for the last 10 km it rained, and it was dark, and the decision to stop was a good one.

Another good decision that Anthony recently made was to get some new gloves.  He has been complaining over the last few weeks about his frozen and/or wet hands due to gloves that were unable to keep the weather out for longer than about 5-10 minutes.

So he purchased a pair of Dri-Rider Nordic Pro gloves.   And his hands are very happy, and warm, and dry……and the left glove has one of those cool rubber wiper blades to wipe water off your visor.


As Borat would say…..”Very Nice!”

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week was born in San Diego, California.  She started modeling at 15, after being spotted by a model agency owner while buying coffee at a 7-Eleven.   Two years later she moved to New York, then LA and then moved all over the world.

Her coffee habit led to another show business connection when she was approached by an agent to see if she was interested in acting.  Since then, she has starred in “The Grudge 2” and also “Disturbia” – a film that made $117 million worldwide and gave her the break she needed.   She is Sarah Roemer.



1 Response to “Are we there yet……?”

  1. May 6, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    It’s a shame the weather has been miserable for you to ride in. So glad that you got the new gloves, hopefully that will make the trip a bit more pleasant. Next we’ll have to get the pants! x

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