Countdown to Brisbane begins…..

Firstly a happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there, hope you had a great day.

And a special message goes out to someone else today………You may think you are the “winner”, but only in your mind..Dood!

Hope it’s been a great weekend for everyone….its Sunday and I’m ready for another week of commuting.  Tomorrow we have the longer ride to Grafton which is always good fun, (even though its cold and bug infested).  Anthony hasn’t tested the new gloves on the long ride, but I’m sure they will perform perfectly.   I’m all clean and ready to go.

I’m also excited about our next fun ride, not sure where we’ll be off to, but there are a few rides around here that I’m looking forward to exploring.

On the days when we work here in town, Anthony parks me right in front of the office door….(its only a small place) and I get quite a few looks from people who are thinking…”what is that…is it a scooter, is it a motorbike?”  which is cool.

Last week we saw lots of bikes pass by….notable ones were the white Ducati 848 and the red Ducati monster…..Yes I know Anthony was supposed to be working so how could he spot the bikes…..but the main road is right in front of us, and he can hear the sound of a Ducati coming from a distance, so looking out the door once he hears the sound of one approaching isn’t hard.

In a few weeks Anthony & Vicki are off to see bikes of a different kind as they heading up to Brisbane to see the Crusty Demons “Beyond the Apocalypse” show in Brisbane.    After being a fan of these guys for years, Anthony (and Vicki) are excited to go see them…particularly to see Australia’s own Cam Sinclair perform the Double Backflip.   He is one of only three people in the world to pull off this trick…the first being the one and only Travis Pastrana.

Here’s Travis showing why he’s one of the worlds most insane stunt riders…

So that’s it from me this week….hope you all have a good one, looking forward to more stories again soon.

cheers,  Derbi.

For this weeks winner(s) of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week, I decided that since we were talking about the Crusty Demons, perhaps it was appropriate to feature a shot of some of the other stars of the Beyond The Apocalypse show….The Crusty Babes.



2 Responses to “Countdown to Brisbane begins…..”

  1. May 10, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Really looking forward to seeing the Crusty Demons, will be an awesome weekend. Hope the new gloves work for you, and the bugs just go away!! x

  2. 2 anthony
    May 10, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks babe. Can’t wait for the 22nd, will be such an awesome weekend x

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