The Open road beckons…..

Hi All,  it was a wet and rather cold day here today, (luckily we had a short commute today so it wasn’t too bad) but hopefully this wet weather will start to go away…..again!!

So what’s been happening out there this week?   I’m loving the new rear tyre!  It’s just awesome and makes life (and simply things like cornering) so fantastic.

Last week there were problems with the highway on the road to Grafton (the problem was that part of the road had fallen into the river) so there was an alternative route to be taken… part of it looks something like this.


It also involves a trip over the ferry, and then comes into Grafton the back way….


For those of you who live in the city, you may not be familiar with all that green stuff that we have to ride near……The sad part is that a few weeks ago it was all under water, which means that roads aren’t that great, but they are getting better.

We have one early trip next week, it’s going to be cold…actually it’s cold most mornings, but Anthony has enough layers on to deal with that…..its the rain and cold that’s the main problem!

So that’s about it from me, have a great week, keep the rubber side down and have fun.

cheers, Derbi.

PS – If you want to checkout some other great blogs that document two wheeled adventures, go take a look at Motorcycle Paradise – (this one has heaps of stuff about some of the roads that I’ve been on before in Northern NSW/Southern QLD) and also One Wheel Drive which has details of rides from all over the world.

This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week has been here I think twice before….and she’s appearing again for two reasons.  One, she’s one of the stars of “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen” which opens next week, and two…she rides a bike in the movie.  In the first installment we saw her on a Vespa, this time she’s on an Aprillia RS125.  She is the one and only, Megan Fox.



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