Saturday afternoon ride

Hi All, it was such a great day today, and perfect for a run out on one of my new favourite pieces of road. I’ve done it a few times and its always great fun.

Here’s how it looks on Google Maps…..


The first part (as you can see) is a long straight piece of road……the start of it looks like this

middle-road 1

And then after doing another kilometer or so……its still looks like this.

middle-road 2

its not the most exciting road, but at the end of it, the result is worth it.

The fun starts with great long sweeping corners like this……


The there’s a great right-left combination


And then plenty of other great rights and lefts like this right hander that disappears into the cane…..


Its an awesome road and always great to ride on……then there’s also the fun of turning around and doing it again.

Vicki (Scooter Girl) wasn’t able to join us today as she was shooting a wedding. Her photography is simply awesome (yes I’m biased, but she is a gifted photographer!!)

If you haven’t already had a chance, checkout her website and her blog.


Have a great week everyone, see you again soon!


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