Loving the weather….

Riding to work this week has been a tonne of fun.  The weather has been great (with the exception of Monday night) and getting out on the road has been a great.   Anthony has been able to stay in Draggins and summer gloves most of the time and it seems like the bitterness of winter is behind us.

Unfortunately Monday night we got stuck in the tail end of a storm which wasn’t fun, but it was only 20-25 km of the total journey that we had to endure in the wet.

Last night’s trip home was a good one, not much traffic, minimal B-Doubles to get in the way, and great conditions for the afternoon ride.  And today we got to come home while the sun was still out!!

This week’s cool two-wheel discovery would have to be the latest Youtube video of champion stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer on his BMW F800R where he rides through the BMW office in Munich, right up to the roof!!

Enjoy, It’s awesome!

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is from Texas, USA…the daughter of south american parents, and the star of films such as the Fast & The Furious series, Blue Crush, S.W.A.T and Resident Evil.   She’s been arrested for assaulting her room mate, and been sent to prison for violating her parole on a drink driving charge…then released 18 days later due to overcrowding….she’s a cross between beauty and brawn…She is Michelle Rodriguez



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