Get out there and Ride….

Howdy all,  Hope you’ve been having a great week out on the road.  Just a short post this week….conditions have been perfect for riding this week…..The weather is great, the sun is shining, the roads are dry, the 3 dead ‘roos have been scraped off Yamba road…..and all is as it should be.

There have been plenty of other two-wheeled riders on the road also.  On Monday and Tuesday afternoon there were more bikes than cars on the trip home from Grafton.  Last week there were 6 police motorcycles heading out of town just before we arrived at work.  We even got a nod from one of them at the roundabout.

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week was born in 1973,  She is a Puerto Rican singer, model, and actress.

Her music career took off in  2003 when her first recording was released.

Since 2005 she has been starring in the TV series “Without A Trace” where she plays FBI agent Elana Delgado.

She is Roselyn Sanchez.



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