awesome ride home….

Howdy all, todays ride to work was normal, but the ride home today was fantastic.

Our usual ride home from Maclean looks like this….


But today it looked like this…..


We decided to turn a 15km commute into a 25 km corner fest!!

There were some awesome corners on this road, and unfortunately due to the fact that Anthony wasn’t familiar with them we were limited to a “sighting run” and had to back off a few times…..but it was still great fun.

We’ll have to go again and again because although we took a few photos, it was just too much fun to stop…

When we stopped to photograph the road, Skippy was in abundance…..these are the ones that didn’t hop away. There must have been about 30 of them, of all sizes…it was so cool.


and although we didn’t stop to much, there were some corners like this…….


and this…..


it was a great way for Anthony to unwind after a long day at work…..and a great way for me to get a good workout on the road.

Thanks Anthony for a great ride, looking forward to next week!!

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is from the only US state that is named after a “Spaceballs” character. She is from a small town called Tyler and she is the november winner of a monthly prize that gets her on the cover of a magazine that is run by a dude who spend his days wearing his Pyjama’s and hanging out with lots of girls….She is Kelly Thompson.



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