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Sunday morning ride……

Hi all, hope that you’ve had a good week out on the roads….

Before I start this week I’d like to mention we decided to bring something a bit different to today’s blog photos, and we have gone for a lo-fi look, and processed them with an iPhone app called “Polarize”

So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi this week?   Last weekend I received a replacement speedometer cable.  Anthony fitted it himself and is happy with the results……and he’s also happy that he no longer has to watch the tacho to work out how fast we are going!!

So here are two shots of me during the process…..which included removal of my entire front cover…..

(Insert Darth Vader voice….”Luke, help me take……my mask off!”)

Today we headed out for a ride, and although it was a bit warm, we had a great time.  We first headed into town, then out to Angourie where we stopped for this pic of the biggest house in the town……(jts amazing what selling surf clothing can buy…)

After Angourie we rode out to Palmers Island and headed down a few of our favourite roads…..lots of corners, lots of smiles!!

Here are a couple of the locals….who actually ran away when I pulled out the camera, before that they just stood and stared.

Next we went out through Townsend and went to Maclean, then headed up to the lookout…

Here I am checking out the view….

After Maclean we headed back along the main road, but decided to go down North Bank Road once more…..I just can’t resist this one.

Then on the way back into town we finished of with a final shot beside the river. It was a great morning out. (Music for today’s ride included Forty Foot Echo, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Seether, Santana and Evanescence.)

So I hope that you all enjoy this week, get out there and have some fun, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week earned her place after I watched GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  We have previously featured Sienna Miller who played “The Baroness”, but this week its another character’s turn.  The role of  “Scarlett” was given to this girl born in Maine in the US in 1980.  She began her career as a model then moved into acting in 2002.  She has starred in Alias with Jennifer Garner, and will return as “Scarlett” in GI Joe 2.  She is Rachel Nichols.


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