Love that sound!!!!

Howdy everyone,

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been off the road for a bit….there were some electrical component issues that had prevented me from running – but the main reason for the delay in getting me going was Anthony not having the time to do the job…..but today he was onto it again, and as you can hear from the enclosed video….It’s all good!!

So I can’t wait to get back out onto the road….and the ride to work on Monday is going to be soooo sweet!

A couple of weeks ago while checking out some of his usual bike blogs, Icon Motorsports had an ad on their blog about their Sticker Giveaway.  All you had to do was become a follower of the blog and email your details…..then in the mail came a free sticker – (all the way from Portland, USA)…..who says you can’t get anything for free these days!!!

So a short while later, “Zipperface” arrived – the sticker created in honour of their new Alliance SSR Zipperface helmet.

He’s a freaky looking little thing…..and here he is adorning the back of me……

So that’s it from me so far this weekend….once we hit the road next there will be more stories to tell…..

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you soon!!!!




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