Saturday road trip……

Hi all,

Its friday night and tomorrow morning we are off to the Gold Coast.   It’s about a 440km round trip, but will be worth it to catch up with 3 amazing little people….Anthony can’t wait!!

Big rides like this are always long, and often tough depending on the conditions. but at this stage its going to be a fine day….and thats what we are hoping for all day  –   Sun and no rain.

So what else has happened this week…..we’ve had our usual Grafton trips for two days, and the other three have been to the tiny office in Yamba – which is great because of the short commute, the chance for Anthony to go home for lunch, and the excitement I get when we leave the house each morning – hitting 70 to 75 kmh by the time I get to the corner down the road is great and makes the kids happy too!!!!   They love the sound!!   –  The sound of the two beeps of the horn, followed by the mandatory wringing of the bike’s neck is required… and its great!!

So tomorrow we are off to the northern end of the Gold Coast.   We’ll let you know how the trip goes when we return…..

have a great day  everyone ,




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