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He’s changed his mind…

ok….so this is my first post here on wordpress (and i haven’t played around with the formatting much so please forgive me…….it will improve) 

It would seem that I know longer need to be worried about the dreaded HD200 that I’ve been talking about recently. Anthony has had a change of heart and has decided to not replace me with the dependable and hard working Bolwell scooter….Woo Hoo for me……….

But that’s where the fairytale ends…….instead, he has his heart set on the ultimate urban transportation vehicle, with its race-bred heritage, exotic styling, Spanish engineering and stunning good looks…..yes, it looks like my place in the garage is to be taken by the Derbi GP1-250.

But am I bitter, am I angry…….perhaps a little upset, but despite my comments about this bike in a previous post, even I admit that it’s a winner, and am proud to be a part of Anthony’s scootering journey and wish him (and the GP1) all the best…..

On a happier note…we had a ride yesterday afternoon, which is always good…and after getting a tank-full of 98 octane Vortex, headed out to one of my favourite bits of road in recent weeks and went for a spin… was getting a bit cooler as the sun was going down, but it was still a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to more……

This week’s winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week is English….not that there’s anything wrong with that, but after featuring so many American’s perhaps its time to feature someone from another continent. She has had quite a versatile career, ranging from Actress, Television Presenter and Model.

She began with Modelling, and then in 2001 turned to acting in the first season of Smallville, playing Lex Luthor’s girlfriend.

In 2003 she starred (briefly) in “The Italian Job” and then moved on to her role with fiancé Billy Zane in “Survival Island”. Her TV presenting jobs have included work for MTV, The Big Breakfast, and the Trouble TV network.

She was born Kelly Ann Parsons in November 1979, but to the rest of the world she is known as Kelly Brook.


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