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Wet, Wet, Wednesday

Hi all,

Hope your ride today was a good one…..but if you were anywhere between the NSW-QLD border and Port Macquarie, it was pretty miserable.   Initially we went to Maclean, and the further away from Yamba we got, the worse the weather was.  We then headed back to Yamba mid morning, and it was really wet most of the way… wet that Anthony’s “waterproof” gloves started leaking.  Then for the short ride home, it started again.

Then there was the guy in the SUV who decided to move close to the centre line and hit the massive puddle that generated what was close to a massive wave that ended up hitting us head on….well done cruiser man!

The weather is expected to be a bit ugly for a few days, so we’ll see what we get in the morning.

So what’s been happening in the two wheeled world?

The Roman Emperor, Mr Max Biaggi is on fire in the World Superbike championship, pulling two wins in the weekends round in Utah.   Anthony always thought Max was a complete Tool when he raced in MotoGP, but his admiration for him has grown, and in such a short time, Max has managed to make the Aprilia RSV4 Factory the bike to be on!  Go Max….

One website we enjoy checking out each week is Killboy’s Blog.  Filled with awesome photos from the “Tail of The Dragon” at Deals Gap in the USA….the bike pics are awesome…check it out.

This week’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is a British actress on her way to stardom.  She’s starred in “Quantum of Solace”, “Clash of the Titans” and most recently  “Prince of Persia”.  She’s 24, she’s the daughter of a cleaner and a welder, She is Gemma Arterton.


The week is coming to an end…

Hi All,

It’s been a good week out on the road, and Anthony is very happy with the new thermal gear to keep him warm!!… Thumbs up for that!

Today we had a short trip, but it was still good to be out in the fresh air having a ride!

So what’s been happening out there in the two wheeled world?  One of the most eagerly awaited bikes (well, awaited by Anthony…) is the soon to be released Honda CB1100F.  Set to be arrive at the end of the month, this bike with its 1140cc inline four-cylinder engine and dual overhead cams is classic perfection.  Combining vintage looks with modern features, this is one bike that is sure to be popular……(and yes, Anthony would love to have one in the garage!)

In racing news….Moto GP heads to Le Mans in France this weekend to compete in the Monster Energy GP.  Hopefully Casey Stoner can recover from his not so great start to the year and gain some more points this weekend.   As for the top Yamaha riders, currently only 4 points separates Lorenzo (position 1) and Rossi (position 2)….who will come out in the lead?

World Superbikes head to the USA in 8 days to the Miller Motorsports park for the next round.  Can Mad Max and the Aprilia team gain the top spot from Suzuki’s Leon Haslam?  Will Haga be able to gain ground…he is alreay 101 points behind Biaggi.

Another new bike that Anthony is impressed with is the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 with its 999cc, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine, featuring Suzuki’s Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel-injection system…sounds cool, but the bike looks awesome, particularly in its 25th anniversary colours

So that’s it for us today, hopefully you’ve had a good one, stay safe, ride with a smile and get out there!!




Out and about

Hi everyone,

The weather has been a bit cooler out on the road this week, especially the Grafton trip which brought fog, cold, bugs and rain….

The trip home is getting darker each day, but its all good.

As an alternative to our normal highway commute, we should try the alternate route which goes from Yamba to Maclean, out over the bridge to the Bluff Point Ferry and across the river to Lawrence, then follow Lawrence Road to Alumi Creek and then Grafton.

That route looks something like this….

The road before arriving in Grafton, (the last part of the trip) looks something like this….

Wednesday we were out on the road again for the trip to Maclean, which also requires some travelling along Yamba Road, which Anthony knows like the back of his hand…..but it has some great turns on it.

You don’t want to do anything silly when these guys are around….!

Thursday and today we had our short trip to the tiny office by the water…….its just Anthony and the Pelicans, but despite that, we go home at lunch time, which is another chance for a ride, and any chance to get out on the road is a good one!!!

We hope you’ve had a great two-wheeled week, get out there, stay safe and have a good one…..

For this week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week we are following a Star Wars theme…..(no it’s not Princess Leia in her gold bikini….) but recently we came across the website of a graphic artist named Feng Zhu.  He has created some Star Wars designs in the style of old war-time posters….(they are so much better than pics of Uncle Sam saying “We Want You For The US Army)……  anyway, back to the story…..

Imagine you are the Imperial Empire, and you are trying to recruit new troops……how do you do it?

How do you make young people want to sign up to become Imperial Troops….?

Perhaps you could try something like this…..

Or this…..

Or maybe this…..

seeya out there,




Get up and get out there…..

So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi?   Not a lot, but its all good.

For today’s ride home we will be taking the back road once more for a quick blast through the cool corners – so much more fun than the highway.    

When Anthony was heading back from the coast over the weekend he saw some Yamaha bikes at the BP servo. The guy was on a black R1 (with black leathers and Blue/Black Shoei Helmet) while the girl was on a matching black R6 (with black/pink leathers and a Pink/Black Shoei helmet)

This pair reminded Anthony of his desire for he and Vicki to one day jump on some bikes and ride off together!   That would be extremely cool….and to quote Anil from his Foxnomad blog entry “Why you need to take a motorcycle trip at least once in your life”….. “Riding a motorcycle across an open road from one destination to the next is the modern-day equivalent of setting off into the sunset on horseback. Let your fear and the thrill put you on two wheels and not keep you from it.”

twisty road

Do you ever feel like you are living in the movie Groundhog Day?

Well personally I don’t, but that’s because I’m a scooter, not a person ….but in my never-ending quest to understand humanity, I often talk to Anthony and he has said that lately that’s what life is like for him and his family.

Each day it’s the same deal – you get up, work damn hard, do the very best you can for your kids and family…..and then you get back up and do it all over again!

And like the troopers that they are, Anthony and Vicki keep on going above and beyond each day!

But unfortunately there are times when things don’t quite follow the system, moments when stuff creeps in that hinders their ability to always do their best each day…..moments when they cop other people’s crap, and even if they don’t take it on board, they still receive it

……and then there are moments when certain people on this planet should have a good hard look at themselves and eat an extra large bowl of STFU each and every day!   

And so today’s blog post is dedicated to Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl…..and all the other hard-working and un-selfish Groundhogs out there. 

Get out there and do what you do….I salute you!!




awesome ride home….

Howdy all, todays ride to work was normal, but the ride home today was fantastic.

Our usual ride home from Maclean looks like this….


But today it looked like this…..


We decided to turn a 15km commute into a 25 km corner fest!!

There were some awesome corners on this road, and unfortunately due to the fact that Anthony wasn’t familiar with them we were limited to a “sighting run” and had to back off a few times…..but it was still great fun.

We’ll have to go again and again because although we took a few photos, it was just too much fun to stop…

When we stopped to photograph the road, Skippy was in abundance…..these are the ones that didn’t hop away. There must have been about 30 of them, of all sizes…it was so cool.


and although we didn’t stop to much, there were some corners like this…….


and this…..


it was a great way for Anthony to unwind after a long day at work…..and a great way for me to get a good workout on the road.

Thanks Anthony for a great ride, looking forward to next week!!

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is from the only US state that is named after a “Spaceballs” character. She is from a small town called Tyler and she is the november winner of a monthly prize that gets her on the cover of a magazine that is run by a dude who spend his days wearing his Pyjama’s and hanging out with lots of girls….She is Kelly Thompson.



10,000km down, many more to go!!!

Howdy all, so far riding this week has been a lot more pleasant than last week.  On Monday morning there was no fog and the temp coming home was warmer than it has been.  Plus on the trip home there was an awesome sunset, it was just a shame that it was behind us so we could only see it through my mirrors.

But the ride was still great and then we had two more great rides today.

But as the headline says, the big news for today is that I reached 10,000km.  Sadly we weren’t able to get out of the traffic until after 10,001 clicked over to get the photo…..missed it by 200m, but it was still cool to see that number click over.


Tomorrow we have a shorter trip, but it’s still great to be able to get out on the road every day and enjoy the sun, and the open road.

This weeks winner of Derbi’s celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week was born in 1967.  She gained recognition from an early 90’s romantic comedy that grossed over $400 million, then went on to star in Erin Brockovich, Notting Hill and My Best Friends Wedding as well as Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve.  Her films have grossed over $2.3 billion world wide, she is the original Pretty Woman……she is Julia Roberts.



I’m Back….

Howdy everyone, sorry its been a while since I said hello, but it’s been a busy few weeks.

So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi?

Well I celebrated my 1st anniversary of life with Anthony and Vicki recently –  1 year since I came along and changed two-wheeled transport for them forever.

Here I am on the day that I was first registered, just over a year ago.


So what’s happened in that time? We’ve enjoyed over 8000km of travel, have seen so many amazing bits of scenery, had some interesting (and often scary) rides in all types of weather and above all, enjoyed the great outdoors the way its meant to be enjoyed – On Two Wheels!

The roads that we’ve traveled on have ranged from awesome twisty sections of the Gold Coast hinterland and NSW Border Ranges, as well as long highway stretches, motorway rides and everything in between.  And finding new and exciting roads in my new home has been great also.

Its been awesome to share those rides with Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl, and I look forward to the next year together with them.

A & V

Some day I’d love to tackle a road that is known around as one of the worlds best biking roads…it has several names….its official title is part of US 129, but to most people its known as the “Tail Of The Dragon”.

The Dragon

The Dragon stretches for only 11 miles, but in that distance there are 318 curves!! It is situated near the Tennessee/North Carolina border. Movies such as “Thunder Road” and “The Fugitive” have been filmed on stretches of this road.

To see some awesome photography from this piece of paved heaven, checkout Killboy’s blog

This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week looks similar to Kate Beckinsale from Underworld in the following photo.  She was born in New York on December 28, 1981 and moved with her family to London when she was 1. Prior to becoming an actress she was a model.  She is soon to hit the screens in August as “The Baroness” in G.I Joe: The Rise Of Cobra.

She is Sienna Miller


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