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A week of fun rides comes to an end…..but there’s more.

Hi all,

Commutes to work this week have been so much fun.  After sitting dormant for two weeks it’s been great to be out on the road…..whether its 5 minutes, or 50….this week has been great fun.  We have tomorrow still to come, and can’t wait to get out there.

The amount of bikes that we’ve seen has been varied as well.  There are the usuals that we see each week, but a few others have appeared as well…..Two wheelers are everywhere.

Even tonight Anthony noticed a BMW GS 1200 Adventurer riding around town.  Poor bugger must have been looking for a place to stay and rode into one of the caravan parks in town, then turned around and rode out again without stopping……hopefully he has found a place to stay.

We are off for a long trip on saturday, and looking forward to getting out on the road for that.

So that’s it for me so far this week, have a great one,



This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week was born in Madrid, Spain, and is the daughter of a Romanian-Hungarian Publicist, and a Spanish Bio-chemist.  She attended the University de San Pablo and studied Journalism, and also enrolled in acting.

She starred along-side Samuel L Jackson in “Snakes On A Plane” (a film described by “Rotten Tomatoes” as a film that “lives up to its title, featuring snakes on a plane. It isn’t perfect, but then again, it doesn’t need to be”)

Anthony owns the movie on DVD and loves it….It’s worth owning for the commentary track and listening to the amazing Sam L  and his thoughts on movie titles being change so that they describe what the movie is really about……  1997’s “Titanic” should be renamed “Big f’kn boat hits an Iceburg”

Anyway, this weeks passenger isn’t Samuel L Jackson, she is Elsa Pataky, and looks good on a Harley V-Rod.


Great morning for a ride in the country……

Howdy everyone,

Riding this week has been lots of fun.  We’ve had trips up the highway to office no. 1, a few rides to office no. 2, and then we finished off the week at the tiny office…..but it’s been all good fun.

Also this week I’ve noticed some looks from people around town who stare at me and go….what is that?  Is it a scooter, or a bike???   We got some fuel one day and a guy filling his ute up with fuel seemed totally amazed at the two-wheeled machine in front of him….yes, I’m a scooter, but I’m sexy and I sound great too!   I’m built with motorcycle engineering, twist and go simplicity, cool styling and great performance.

Today we had a great ride.  We headed out of town on Yamba road, out to Harwood then down the highway a bit, then out to Ashby Heights, Ashby and Chatsworth.    It was a great ride on a new bit of road.  Anthony had been out there in the car at one time, but had never been there on two wheels, so it was great to share a new piece of bitumen with him.

The map of our ride looks like this….

And here are some pics of the trip…..

Here I am out on Watts Lane…..its so quiet and peaceful out there.

What Derbi ride would be complete without a photo of a corner trailing off in the distance…..

Looking back at where we’ve been….

Suddenly the Ashby Heights road got a bit ugly….. time to turn around!

The view as we headed back to Ashby….there were virtually no cars out there.

And this is the view back down the hill….

Yet another long straight ending in a corner to somewhere…..

And the award for “Best corner followed by long straight” goes to this road of Ashby.   This was coming out of the 50kmh zone… would have been great to turn around, head back into the village and then come back and hit this corner “properly”.

Having a quick stop on the side of the road once more….was such a great morning to be out riding.

And here’s a final shot showing me (of course) and a glimpse of the beautiful weather….

Some of the tracks cranking on the iPod for today’s trip were……Brand New Day – Ryan Star, Dancing In The Storm – Boom Crash Opera,  New Divide – Linkin Park, Emerald City – Simon Garnder, Fine – Crimson Room, Damn You – Steve Vai……..and the list goes on and on.

Hopefully you have all had a great week with awesome rides.  So get out there and enjoy the sun, stay safe and we’ll see you next week.

And so that brings us to the winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week who is a Tennis player from Russia.  She is a former world no.1, and at the age of 6 she left  her life of poverty and with her family headed to the USA.

She won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon at the age of 17.   Beyond Tennis she has been featured in Sports Illustrated, she was the most searched for Athlete on Yahoo! in 2005 and 2008 and in July 2008 was the worlds highest paid female athlete, earning US$26 Million!

This month she signed an 8 year deal with Nike for $70 Million, dwarfing the previous record ($43 Million held by Venus Williams)  She is Maria Sharapova.

Special mention (as always….) goes out this week to our favourite pillion passenger EVER!!! She is the hardest working, most amazing, and completely incredible photographer, the one and only Vicki James.  She has recently attended the Jasmine Star workshop in Sydney and she is on fire with work at the moment.  With blogging, editing, photo shoots and weddings….its all happening and the end result is truly stunning.

To say that Anthony loves and adores her is an understatement….  To say that we love her work, and that we are in awe of her ability is just the beginning…….quite simply…Vicki James rocks!!!!   To watch her work, and to support her and her passion, is a privilege for Anthony and he is so proud of her and what she is achieving with her work. Yep, there is so much love for her!!

She is an Artist in ever sense of the word.  Both of us are lifetime members of the Vicki James Appreciation Society and can’t get enough of her work….So for all your photography needs, whether its Weddings or portraits – contact Vicki!


Gold Coast road trip

Howdy everyone,

Today Anthony and I headed north to ScooterHQ on Gold Coast to get me serviced, and get a few other things checked out…

It was a big day that began at 7:00 when we hit the road.  It was the first time since March that we’d been for a ride further north than the Grafton turnoff at Harwood.

Thankfully the rain had stopped and the road was reasonably dry.    We headed through Ballina and had a quick break outside Seaside Motorcycles, the Harley Davidson/BMW dealership….and today even at just after 8:00 there were bikes everywhere as they were offering testrides of the new 2010 Harley models.

And there were tonnes of bikes (and scooters) on the road today….everyone was out for a ride. Especially in the Ballina area as everyone was heading into town for a ride of the new Harley’s

This first picture probably won’t mean much to most people…..anyone who has travelled over the border on the Tugan Bypass would have seen this thing…


To most people, this is simply an ugly monument that indicates the border crossing between NSW and QLD.

To Anthony’s family its a source of amusement as it indicates the moment when one of the kids indicates their fear and hatred of QLD….we still aren’t sure why, but it happens…..and on the way back, this monument indicates that we are once again back in NSW, and once again all is right with the world.


The trip was good and by just after 8:30 QLD time we arrived…..and here’s a selection of the view once inside the store.



Here’s the World Superbike edition Aprilia SR50




Where ever we go, corners are always found….and by taking the back way around Ballina and heading out through Teven we had a great time….and North Teven road has some great corners, it’s just a shame that the road surface isn’t that great…but it was still good fun.



And here I am enjoying the view on the way home…..


It was a great day out, thanks again to Brendon and Tim for their impressive service and stories lots of laughs and excel




This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is from England, born in 1972.  She starred in Mission Impossible II with Tom Cruise, (which led to her having to pull out of the first Charlie’s Angels film – her role went to Lucy Liu), the Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith, and she will soon be hitting the screens with John Cusack in the new Roland Emmerich film ‘2012’.  She’s the daughter of a Zimbabwean Shona Princess, she is Thandie Newton








Weekend Ride footage….

Over the weekend Anthony and I went out for  a few rides and he had an idea to mount his camera onto the dash and took some video.  The mounting method was slightly crude…..(black electrical tape….lots and lots of it…) but it worked!!  The quality of this sample isn’t that great – the original is better, but you get the idea!!

Hope your week is a good one

Enjoy the road, have a great week and maybe we will see you out there..


Derbi & Anthony.


Saturday afternoon ride

Hi All, it was such a great day today, and perfect for a run out on one of my new favourite pieces of road. I’ve done it a few times and its always great fun.

Here’s how it looks on Google Maps…..


The first part (as you can see) is a long straight piece of road……the start of it looks like this

middle-road 1

And then after doing another kilometer or so……its still looks like this.

middle-road 2

its not the most exciting road, but at the end of it, the result is worth it.

The fun starts with great long sweeping corners like this……


The there’s a great right-left combination


And then plenty of other great rights and lefts like this right hander that disappears into the cane…..


Its an awesome road and always great to ride on……then there’s also the fun of turning around and doing it again.

Vicki (Scooter Girl) wasn’t able to join us today as she was shooting a wedding. Her photography is simply awesome (yes I’m biased, but she is a gifted photographer!!)

If you haven’t already had a chance, checkout her website and her blog.


Have a great week everyone, see you again soon!


Early Saturday Morning Ride

Last saturday morning we headed out for an early morning ride, following one of our usual routes……..up over the hill from home, along Cudgen Road, down to Tweed Valley Way and south to Tumbulgum, and along the way we stopped to take this photo…


For those of you who you have been in this area before, you’ll recognise Mt Warning in the middle of the photo on the horizon.

And then after we got to Tumbulgum and headed over the bridge we stopped for this shot…once again with Mt Warning in the background.


And so after heading over the bridge we did the run up the hill to Terranora, (which is always good fun) and then after reaching the highway, turned right and headed back towards Kingscliff, but instead of taking the exit over the river…..we headed down the highway to the Cudgen Road turnoff, and then did the 1.5km twisty run back up the hill…..which was just as much fun as coming down….

There will be lots of new roads to discover in the near future, and both Scooter Boy and Scooter Girl are looking forward to that!

See you all out there, cheers, Derbi.

Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week for this week is an actress who has starred in films such as Spy Kids, Sin City, Son In Law, American Gangster,  and Watchmen. She was born in Florida in the USA, did some modeling as a teenager but was considered too short.  She is only 7 years older than Malin Akerman (who plays her daughter in Watchmen), she is Carla Gugino


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