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Sunday Morning Ride In The Country….

Hi All,

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to do the Gold Coast trip yesterday, despite the perfect weather.  We will get a chance to do it again another time.

So this morning we headed out about 10:30am and travelled down the highway and ended up out at the seaside village of Wooli.

The route looks like this…..

It was a 172km round trip that took us south to Tyndale, out to Wooli….and the road out there also goes through the small town off Tucabia….and from there continues out on the road to Wooli.

Here’s some shots of the road, the corners and the scenery along the way…….

Here I am hanging out across the road from the Wooli Bowling Club

Wooli is also the home of the Australian Goanna Pulling Championships….and here’s the sign advertising it!!

After Wooli we headed back to Tucabia, then took the other direction out inland to Ulmarra….there were some great corners along that road too.

After Ulmarra we went down the highway to the Brushgrove/Cowper turnoff, then headed down through Brushgrove to Maclean then back to Yamba.

Anthony did a great job riding today – from the point where we turned off the highway out to Wooli until we got almost to Maclean, we were on roads that Anthony had never ridden on before.

He did a fantastic job, stayed safe, had fun……and got a chance to open up the throttle on a few of the great corners out there.   There was one of them that we didn’t get a chance to photograph, but I think that if it was possible to lean me over far enough for Anthony to drop his knee down he would have given it a go!!!

It was a great morning out and we look forward to the next one.

so I hope you’ve all had a great weekend too….get out there, stay safe and have fun!!




Sunday morning ride……

Hi all, hope that you’ve had a good week out on the roads….

Before I start this week I’d like to mention we decided to bring something a bit different to today’s blog photos, and we have gone for a lo-fi look, and processed them with an iPhone app called “Polarize”

So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi this week?   Last weekend I received a replacement speedometer cable.  Anthony fitted it himself and is happy with the results……and he’s also happy that he no longer has to watch the tacho to work out how fast we are going!!

So here are two shots of me during the process…..which included removal of my entire front cover…..

(Insert Darth Vader voice….”Luke, help me take……my mask off!”)

Today we headed out for a ride, and although it was a bit warm, we had a great time.  We first headed into town, then out to Angourie where we stopped for this pic of the biggest house in the town……(jts amazing what selling surf clothing can buy…)

After Angourie we rode out to Palmers Island and headed down a few of our favourite roads…..lots of corners, lots of smiles!!

Here are a couple of the locals….who actually ran away when I pulled out the camera, before that they just stood and stared.

Next we went out through Townsend and went to Maclean, then headed up to the lookout…

Here I am checking out the view….

After Maclean we headed back along the main road, but decided to go down North Bank Road once more…..I just can’t resist this one.

Then on the way back into town we finished of with a final shot beside the river. It was a great morning out. (Music for today’s ride included Forty Foot Echo, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Seether, Santana and Evanescence.)

So I hope that you all enjoy this week, get out there and have some fun, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week earned her place after I watched GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  We have previously featured Sienna Miller who played “The Baroness”, but this week its another character’s turn.  The role of  “Scarlett” was given to this girl born in Maine in the US in 1980.  She began her career as a model then moved into acting in 2002.  She has starred in Alias with Jennifer Garner, and will return as “Scarlett” in GI Joe 2.  She is Rachel Nichols.


Weekend Ride footage….

Over the weekend Anthony and I went out for  a few rides and he had an idea to mount his camera onto the dash and took some video.  The mounting method was slightly crude…..(black electrical tape….lots and lots of it…) but it worked!!  The quality of this sample isn’t that great – the original is better, but you get the idea!!

Hope your week is a good one

Enjoy the road, have a great week and maybe we will see you out there..


Derbi & Anthony.


Lets go again….

After hanging out with the kids today, Anthony and I headed out for another ride.  This time we decided to do the Cudgen Road run, then down the highway to Condong, then up over Clothiers Creek Road but instead of heading over the hill to Cabarita Beach, we took the left turn onto Farrants Hill Road, heading along the top of the ridge that separates the cane fields north of Murwillumbah and the beach on the other side…..

Its been a while since Anthony had been that way (i’ve never been on that road) so we took it a bit easy as it was narrow, with lots of tight corners…..(which is why anything longer than 9 meters isn’t allowed on the road)

Here’s what it looks like from the air….


Here’s what the start of it looks like at ground level….


Here are some of the views from the top of the hill….



And here is some more of the road….


This view of the corner was typical for most of the road….you turn in, but have no idea what’s around the bend….


It was a good ride and finally here’s the view from the bottom, looking back up to where we were…..


Hope you all had a great weekend, see you all out on the black stuff…..cheers, Derbi.

This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is an actress, TV presenter and singer….she starred as “Izzy” on Neighbours from 2003 to 2007, she is the former lead singer of Rogue Traders, and currently she is seen on Sunday and Monday nights on channel 10 as the host of So You Think You Can Dance…..she was born in september 1975, she is Natalie Bassingthwaighte.



They’re engaged!!!

First up…..I’d like to announce (on behalf of Scooter Boy And Scooter Girl) that the happy couple are engaged!!  The proposal took place on Valentine’s Day and I’d like to wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding!!

And here they are, yesterday at the Motorcycle & Scooter Expo………on a Yamaha Cruiser.


This afternoon Anthony and I went out for a great ride….we started down the highway from Kingscliff to Murwillumbah, turning off the highway at Condong, out to Tomewin Road, then turned off towards north Tumbulgum, then up over the hill to Terranora, then back to Kingscliff.  A nice leisurely 61.7km, which looks something like this…..


And here are some shots of some of the great corners along the way…..

this first one is where I was going…..


and this one is where i’ve been….


And here’s another shot looking back down the road


It was a great ride, weather was good (until just near the end when the approaching storm meant that the usual scenic trip over Terranora was now going to be a head-down and get home ride….) and both Anthony and I had a lot of fun.

As it was mentioned above, Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl (and the three blue ones and two pink ones) headed up to the Australian Motorcycle Expo and Scooter Festival at the Gold Coast Convention Centre yesterday.  They had a great day out, getting to look at (and sit on) lots of bikes.   Due to the fact that the 7 of them went up, I had to stay home…..apparently transporting a family of 7 on a scooter is only allowed (or accepted) in areas of South East Asia, and is frowned upon here…..

But despite the fact that I couldn’t go, they all had a great time….and here are some shots of the day…..

First is the very cool “FOX” branded Vespa…


Next up is the awesome Gilera Fuocco


Here’s Anthony’s dream machine…..the new Ducati 1198s


And then there’s his other dream machine….the HD Night Rod…


No its not Ewan, or Charley…..It’s Anthony imagining that he is riding on the Road of Bones in far eastern Russia……


Next up we have the $185,000.00 MV Augusta F4CC….(no. 84 of 100)….this is the same bike that Anthony’s son almost knocked over last time…..


Here’s an awesome custom painted Hayabusa….with graphics taken from the Mummy – Tomb of The Dragon Emperor.


And finally… the winner of the “Uglier than a Redneck’s buck-toothed sister” category….. the Victory Vision.   This shocker has a dry weight of 365kg, and both Anthony and his brother struggled to get the bike upright when they both sat on it (much to the laughter of the guys standing around) …here’s Anthony after dragging the thing upright.  I think that George Jetson has a lot to answer for with this one!


This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is an American actress who has starred in horror films such as Final Destination 3, Black Christmas and Death Proof….and also comedy and action films, recently playing John McLean’s daughter in Live Free or Die Hard.   She was born in November 1984, she enjoys cooking, sewing, dancing, and singing….She Is Mary Elizabeth Winstead.



Big Scootering weekend!!!

There’s something so amazing about getting out on the road to go for a ride….and this past weekend was no exception.

It all started at 7:15am on Saturday morning when the garage door opened, and there was Scooter Boy with his gear, ready to go.   It was going to be a big day.  Anthony was doing the testing requirements to upgrade his licence (thus removing the current 125cc auto restriction).   So off we went to the assembly area at Tweed River High School, and so began a day of slowly turning left….in circles, and we went around, and around, and around………thankfully there was a road ride component, which involved some of the roads that we ride on each week, so it was an excuse to get out on some nice corners…..(the first time we got to turn Right I almost cried with joy!!!!)

And after the day of practise, the testing component began….Anthony was last so he watched the other 4 go before him, and then it was our turn…..and I accept full responsibility for him losing 1 point….at the end of the brake test I stalled….I’d been running perfectly all day, but then stopped…oops!!  Anyway, he passed and is now able to ride bigger scooters, bikes…whatever!!   Well done Scooter Boy!!!

And then Sunday, there was more riding planned….and Scooter Girl had now arrived and so once food was packed, off we went with no particular destination in mind……but we headed north.  After a while even I was able to figure out that we were heading towards Southport, towards ScooterHQ, to have a peek at the Derbi in the window…….(picture the scene in “Wayne’s World” when Wayne stops the car to check out the white Fender Stratocaster guitar in the music store window……”It will be mine, Oh yes, It will be mine!!”)

So after drooling on the glass (sorry Brendon..) we rode down to the Broadwater Carpark, and SB & SG went and had a picnic while I sat and watched the world (and the people of the Gold Coast) go by… was good fun.  Then after a while they returned, suited up and off we went once more, down the road, down along the esplanade through Surfers Paradise, then we stopped off outside the Q1 building to have a look up at it….(that thing is HUGE!!) then it was back down the Gold Coast highway, turn at Pacific Fair out to Burmuda Street, down to Burleigh, back out to the GC Highway…..but when we reached Currumbin we turned down towards the beach, but instead of heading around to Elephant Rock and then down to Tugan, we turned left….

…….towards Currumbin Valley, towards Tomewin, towards TWO WHEEL HEAVEN!!!  For those of you who have never had the pleasure of sampling this awesome piece of road that crosses the QLD-NSW border – get on your bike and go do it…..

And for those who have done it, Do It Again!!!   Also yesterday was proof that it can be done two-up on a 125cc scooter!!!  Sure the first part was a bit tough….(that bit where the road goes straight up the side of the mountain at an incline of about 45 degrees….well we did that at 30kmh…..) but it was still awesome fun.    And there were so many bikes up there (Sports Bikes, Sports Tourers, Cruisers, even two (yes two!!) three-wheeled Can-Am Spyders….we saw probably around 30 bikes, with 30 or more riders and passengers with huge smiles on their faces!!)  

And so after reaching the top, and then crossing the border, the corners continued down the other side of the hill to Murwillumbah, then it was a quick stop to get some fuel, then head down the highway to Tumbulgum, over the river and up Terranora Road, down through Banora Point, round the Golf course, then back up over the hill and home to Kingscliff.  

It was a great day out……lots of sun, lots of corners, lots of laughs, lots of Kms (about 150)…and what was the cost for this day of two-wheeled fun?   $6…. it just doesn’t get any better than that!!

Thanks again to Scooter Boy and Scooter Girl for making it such a great day out…..

see you on the black stuff…..




The Adventures of Scooter Boy and Scooter Girl……

Hello everyone, yes I’m still here……

We had a great ride yesterday afternoon…. (and by “We”….I mean myself, Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl……and no, they aren’t a new Superhero duo who wear their undies on the outside of their clothes and cruise around the Gold Coast on a scooter, saving people from the evils of society…….i meant Anthony & Vicki.)

………and so off we went, up the highway to Tweed Heads, then we cruised through Coolangatta, then headed up onto the hill at Kirra (…you know, the one with the hideous rusted bird sculpture…….I’m thinking of one day opening a pub up there and calling it “The Rusty Eagle”….) anyway…..SB & SG enjoyed hanging out, watching the sun go down, talking, laughing, etc….while I sat there watching the world go by, watching the lights of the Gold Coast appearing and just basically having fun.

Soon SB & SG were getting hungry, so after spending some time up on the hill we then headed back down through Coolangatta, which is when their hunger increased as the smells of food at the various restaurants and cafe’s hit them…….(watching their reaction when they had to stop at a roundabout near two Thai restaurants was priceless…..) So after grabbing some food at south tweed we headed off home, once again completing a fun afternoon ride with my two favourite people. Being a scooter and having the chance to get out and ride around with them is great, and I wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world…..

For today’s installment of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week, I thought that considering this post began with a comment about superheroes, I’d feature one. But the decision on who to choose has been tough……after consulting the Oracle of Internet Information…(my good mate Wikipedia!!)……I came across a list of several hundred of them….so who should I choose? And then I realised that there is only one that could be chosen…….

She has been continuously appearing in DC comics since 1944, and first appeared in 1941, she is a founding member of the Justice League (that also included Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter)

She is a former Amazonian Princess who left the Amazons (after being awarded several gifts by the Olympian Gods…including the Lasso of Truth, and indestructable bracelets…) As well as comics, she has been featured in various animated TV series, and also the 1975 to 1979 TV adaption starring Lynda Carter.

She is as “beautiful as Aprodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes and stronger than Hercules…” she is the one and only Wonder Woman.

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