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Derbi says goodbye….

Hi all, today’s blog post about the life of a scooter named Derbi will be my last…..

For both Anthony and I, the last 2 years have been an amazing experience, we’ve travelled over 20,000 Km together, ridden and photographed lots of cool roads and shared some awesome days and nights out on the road.

We have also shared great rides with Vicki, (aka Scooter Girl), and I will greatly miss her amazing smile.  She is, (and always will be…), Derbi’s Greatest Celibrity Pillion Passenger.

But for Anthony and Vicki, two wheeled adventures will continue, not on a scooter, but on a Suzuki V-Strom 650 motorbike, yes folks, he’s crossed over to the other side and is loving the new challenges that await….

There will be a new blog with stories of his adventures at – Two Wheeler

Sharing my stories with you has been an absolute pleasure, thanks to all who have commented and followed the “My Life As A Scooter” journey. I may meet some of you again one day, but for now, and for the final time…….stay safe, have fun, keep the rubber side down, and enjoy the ride.




Sunday Morning Ride In The Country….

Hi All,

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to do the Gold Coast trip yesterday, despite the perfect weather.  We will get a chance to do it again another time.

So this morning we headed out about 10:30am and travelled down the highway and ended up out at the seaside village of Wooli.

The route looks like this…..

It was a 172km round trip that took us south to Tyndale, out to Wooli….and the road out there also goes through the small town off Tucabia….and from there continues out on the road to Wooli.

Here’s some shots of the road, the corners and the scenery along the way…….

Here I am hanging out across the road from the Wooli Bowling Club

Wooli is also the home of the Australian Goanna Pulling Championships….and here’s the sign advertising it!!

After Wooli we headed back to Tucabia, then took the other direction out inland to Ulmarra….there were some great corners along that road too.

After Ulmarra we went down the highway to the Brushgrove/Cowper turnoff, then headed down through Brushgrove to Maclean then back to Yamba.

Anthony did a great job riding today – from the point where we turned off the highway out to Wooli until we got almost to Maclean, we were on roads that Anthony had never ridden on before.

He did a fantastic job, stayed safe, had fun……and got a chance to open up the throttle on a few of the great corners out there.   There was one of them that we didn’t get a chance to photograph, but I think that if it was possible to lean me over far enough for Anthony to drop his knee down he would have given it a go!!!

It was a great morning out and we look forward to the next one.

so I hope you’ve all had a great weekend too….get out there, stay safe and have fun!!




Saturday road trip……

Hi all,

Its friday night and tomorrow morning we are off to the Gold Coast.   It’s about a 440km round trip, but will be worth it to catch up with 3 amazing little people….Anthony can’t wait!!

Big rides like this are always long, and often tough depending on the conditions. but at this stage its going to be a fine day….and thats what we are hoping for all day  –   Sun and no rain.

So what else has happened this week…..we’ve had our usual Grafton trips for two days, and the other three have been to the tiny office in Yamba – which is great because of the short commute, the chance for Anthony to go home for lunch, and the excitement I get when we leave the house each morning – hitting 70 to 75 kmh by the time I get to the corner down the road is great and makes the kids happy too!!!!   They love the sound!!   –  The sound of the two beeps of the horn, followed by the mandatory wringing of the bike’s neck is required… and its great!!

So tomorrow we are off to the northern end of the Gold Coast.   We’ll let you know how the trip goes when we return…..

have a great day  everyone ,




A week of fun rides comes to an end…..but there’s more.

Hi all,

Commutes to work this week have been so much fun.  After sitting dormant for two weeks it’s been great to be out on the road…..whether its 5 minutes, or 50….this week has been great fun.  We have tomorrow still to come, and can’t wait to get out there.

The amount of bikes that we’ve seen has been varied as well.  There are the usuals that we see each week, but a few others have appeared as well…..Two wheelers are everywhere.

Even tonight Anthony noticed a BMW GS 1200 Adventurer riding around town.  Poor bugger must have been looking for a place to stay and rode into one of the caravan parks in town, then turned around and rode out again without stopping……hopefully he has found a place to stay.

We are off for a long trip on saturday, and looking forward to getting out on the road for that.

So that’s it for me so far this week, have a great one,



This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week was born in Madrid, Spain, and is the daughter of a Romanian-Hungarian Publicist, and a Spanish Bio-chemist.  She attended the University de San Pablo and studied Journalism, and also enrolled in acting.

She starred along-side Samuel L Jackson in “Snakes On A Plane” (a film described by “Rotten Tomatoes” as a film that “lives up to its title, featuring snakes on a plane. It isn’t perfect, but then again, it doesn’t need to be”)

Anthony owns the movie on DVD and loves it….It’s worth owning for the commentary track and listening to the amazing Sam L  and his thoughts on movie titles being change so that they describe what the movie is really about……  1997’s “Titanic” should be renamed “Big f’kn boat hits an Iceburg”

Anyway, this weeks passenger isn’t Samuel L Jackson, she is Elsa Pataky, and looks good on a Harley V-Rod.


Now he wants a Triumph….

Our ride to work today was really great.  There was a small amount of fog once more, but it made for a cool, and fun ride.

As regular readers of this blog will know, Anthony loves bikes….not just scooters, but all kinds of bikes – whether its scooters, sportsbikes, retro or custom bikes, race bikes…….if it looks good, goes fast and is shiny…he’s into it.  And lately he’s developed a thing for Triumphs, especially the 675cc Street Triple.    (Yes he’s switched from Italian to British…..)

Thankfully for me, his interest is only at the dream stage and there’s no chance of me being sold anytime soon to indulge his new found enthusiasm for this awesome bike.   So what do I think of the Triumph?  I love it, particularly the “R” version.

Anthony had a chance to swing a leg over the triple at the bike show (it’s the black one pictured in Sunday’s blog post)

Here is one of the promo shots of the new 2010 Street Triple R…..

Not bad at all!! 

So I’ll let Anthony keep dreaming…..

One blog that we regularly checkout, (and have mentioned here before), is Motorcycle Paradise, and IC’s post from sunday has some awesome photos and info about an afternoon ride that he did.   Here is the route….

It looks like a great road….have to check that one out one day….(we’ll just add it to the list!!!!)

So for all of you who are riding somewhere today – either home from work, or the shops, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who is already outdoors carving up some bitumen somewhere……Have an awesome ride, stay safe and we’ll see you soon!!




Sunday morning ride……

Hi all, hope that you’ve had a good week out on the roads….

Before I start this week I’d like to mention we decided to bring something a bit different to today’s blog photos, and we have gone for a lo-fi look, and processed them with an iPhone app called “Polarize”

So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi this week?   Last weekend I received a replacement speedometer cable.  Anthony fitted it himself and is happy with the results……and he’s also happy that he no longer has to watch the tacho to work out how fast we are going!!

So here are two shots of me during the process…..which included removal of my entire front cover…..

(Insert Darth Vader voice….”Luke, help me take……my mask off!”)

Today we headed out for a ride, and although it was a bit warm, we had a great time.  We first headed into town, then out to Angourie where we stopped for this pic of the biggest house in the town……(jts amazing what selling surf clothing can buy…)

After Angourie we rode out to Palmers Island and headed down a few of our favourite roads…..lots of corners, lots of smiles!!

Here are a couple of the locals….who actually ran away when I pulled out the camera, before that they just stood and stared.

Next we went out through Townsend and went to Maclean, then headed up to the lookout…

Here I am checking out the view….

After Maclean we headed back along the main road, but decided to go down North Bank Road once more…..I just can’t resist this one.

Then on the way back into town we finished of with a final shot beside the river. It was a great morning out. (Music for today’s ride included Forty Foot Echo, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Seether, Santana and Evanescence.)

So I hope that you all enjoy this week, get out there and have some fun, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week earned her place after I watched GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  We have previously featured Sienna Miller who played “The Baroness”, but this week its another character’s turn.  The role of  “Scarlett” was given to this girl born in Maine in the US in 1980.  She began her career as a model then moved into acting in 2002.  She has starred in Alias with Jennifer Garner, and will return as “Scarlett” in GI Joe 2.  She is Rachel Nichols.


Great morning for a ride in the country……

Howdy everyone,

Riding this week has been lots of fun.  We’ve had trips up the highway to office no. 1, a few rides to office no. 2, and then we finished off the week at the tiny office…..but it’s been all good fun.

Also this week I’ve noticed some looks from people around town who stare at me and go….what is that?  Is it a scooter, or a bike???   We got some fuel one day and a guy filling his ute up with fuel seemed totally amazed at the two-wheeled machine in front of him….yes, I’m a scooter, but I’m sexy and I sound great too!   I’m built with motorcycle engineering, twist and go simplicity, cool styling and great performance.

Today we had a great ride.  We headed out of town on Yamba road, out to Harwood then down the highway a bit, then out to Ashby Heights, Ashby and Chatsworth.    It was a great ride on a new bit of road.  Anthony had been out there in the car at one time, but had never been there on two wheels, so it was great to share a new piece of bitumen with him.

The map of our ride looks like this….

And here are some pics of the trip…..

Here I am out on Watts Lane…..its so quiet and peaceful out there.

What Derbi ride would be complete without a photo of a corner trailing off in the distance…..

Looking back at where we’ve been….

Suddenly the Ashby Heights road got a bit ugly….. time to turn around!

The view as we headed back to Ashby….there were virtually no cars out there.

And this is the view back down the hill….

Yet another long straight ending in a corner to somewhere…..

And the award for “Best corner followed by long straight” goes to this road of Ashby.   This was coming out of the 50kmh zone… would have been great to turn around, head back into the village and then come back and hit this corner “properly”.

Having a quick stop on the side of the road once more….was such a great morning to be out riding.

And here’s a final shot showing me (of course) and a glimpse of the beautiful weather….

Some of the tracks cranking on the iPod for today’s trip were……Brand New Day – Ryan Star, Dancing In The Storm – Boom Crash Opera,  New Divide – Linkin Park, Emerald City – Simon Garnder, Fine – Crimson Room, Damn You – Steve Vai……..and the list goes on and on.

Hopefully you have all had a great week with awesome rides.  So get out there and enjoy the sun, stay safe and we’ll see you next week.

And so that brings us to the winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week who is a Tennis player from Russia.  She is a former world no.1, and at the age of 6 she left  her life of poverty and with her family headed to the USA.

She won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon at the age of 17.   Beyond Tennis she has been featured in Sports Illustrated, she was the most searched for Athlete on Yahoo! in 2005 and 2008 and in July 2008 was the worlds highest paid female athlete, earning US$26 Million!

This month she signed an 8 year deal with Nike for $70 Million, dwarfing the previous record ($43 Million held by Venus Williams)  She is Maria Sharapova.

Special mention (as always….) goes out this week to our favourite pillion passenger EVER!!! She is the hardest working, most amazing, and completely incredible photographer, the one and only Vicki James.  She has recently attended the Jasmine Star workshop in Sydney and she is on fire with work at the moment.  With blogging, editing, photo shoots and weddings….its all happening and the end result is truly stunning.

To say that Anthony loves and adores her is an understatement….  To say that we love her work, and that we are in awe of her ability is just the beginning…….quite simply…Vicki James rocks!!!!   To watch her work, and to support her and her passion, is a privilege for Anthony and he is so proud of her and what she is achieving with her work. Yep, there is so much love for her!!

She is an Artist in ever sense of the word.  Both of us are lifetime members of the Vicki James Appreciation Society and can’t get enough of her work….So for all your photography needs, whether its Weddings or portraits – contact Vicki!

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